5. Conclusion

Summary of findings

My findings shows that the two bacteria we tested, E.coli and B.subtilis would not be able to grow due to DNA mutation after being exposed to UV light for an hour

Practical application 

With our methods, we could use this method for the identifying of different bacteria as each bacteria survives under different intensity of UV exposure. Another practical application is coming up with a machine which could do the same effect on bacteria but in a very short period of time, one of the possibilities is having a machine with much stronger intensity of UV ray

Areas for further studies

Areas of further studies include time of other stronger bacteria which lives in our body takes to be killed under UV exposure. This area of study would help in differentiating different bacteria in a same petri dish. By using the time each bacteria takes to be killed by UV, 2 types of bacteria in a same petri dish, we can expose the petri dish to UV for a specific time and have only one bacteria surviving after the UV exposure.

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